Virgo march 9 weekly horoscope

The Week Ahead for Virgo

On the 5th, Mercury moves into Scorpio which can bring success and freedom via travel. There is also the potential for fame and notoriety. On the 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn which promises opportunity. Capricorn is the earthy sign of success and accomplishment and when two earth signs meet, moves will be made. Earth grounds earth and enables things to move. Think about a monsoon or thunderstorm — the earth is a very dramatic element indeed!

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With Mars in Scorpio, you will be lucky and self-confident. This is a good period for you to jump into life with abandon. Go and live dear Virgo, there is so much out there waiting for you. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi! Virgo weekly horoscope - 2 Dec , Monday - 8 Dec , Sunday. Virgo daily horoscope - 3 December Read More. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Found the story interesting?

So even if Jupiter is clashing with Pluto or squaring Saturn, you still have the Jupiter magic around the situation. In this case, Jupiter in Capricorn is squaring Chiron in Aries. So anyone who is Capricorn or Capricorn rising or Aries or Aries rising could expect to be in the firing line. So in fact, even though there could be some hurting and wounding going on, probably on an emotional level, overall, it should have a reasonable outcome. Often with Chiron, what happens is that someone pushes you as far as you can go. Your boundaries are tested. How much are you willing to put up with?

Virgo - Astrolutely

See if issues around this come up for you now. The middle of the month, December 15 to be exact, brings a marvellous alignment between Jupiter and the planet of change in chaos, Uranus. They are in a harmonious alignment, so whatever happens next should be pretty positive. This alignment is not to be under estimated. Just to reiterate; Jupiter is the planet of good luck and good fortune. Uranus is also about waking up and being liberated.

The way to harness this is to think of the end of December as a time where you can make big changes in your life. All you need to do in advance is decide what changes you want to make. Any changes you make now should turn out for the best. Roll out your yoga mat if you have one 2. Ring some bells if you have some or put on some uplifting music such as Deva Premal or Edo and Jo.

Put a few drops of a high quality essential oil on your palm and inhale 4. Write in your journal about the changes your want to make in your life 5. To find out where the energies are taking place in your chart, please read on. Remember to read your Rising Sign if you know it, for a more accurate forecast. Just when you thought you had pinned life down and you knew all you ever needed to know about your view of the world, along comes the planet of chaos, Uranus, turning your life philosophies upside down!

Question everything you every thought. You are great at analysing. So things thing through. Liberate yourself from ideas which came from so long ago that it feels like another life. Unexpected trips, course of study and bouts of teaching are also extra possible now. Click here for your time zone.


Please click here for your time zone. Apparently thought it would end on a dramatic note. Normally with eclipses, there are plenty of reasons to be cautious. Sometimes you go up a gear and sometimes you go down a gear. Sometimes the gear change is clunky and sometimes there is a lot of nasty noise. This one is taking place in Capricorn, in the same place as the very happy planet of all good things, you guessed it; Jupiter.

Wherever Capricorn is in your chart is where there is a lot of power. We all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart.

But hopefully it will feel lighter and as though there is a new start at last. This is a time to be ambitious. Wherever you have Capricorn in your chart see above is where you know that hard work is the way to achieving your long-term goals. The good news is that, as the year ends, the energy is still quite fluid, so keep on aiming for the changes you want to see in your life.

Moreover, there is going to be a real sense of optimism in the air thanks to a great Sun-Jupiter meeting.

Today's Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, December 3, 12222

The doors which are swinging open for you in the coming six months are to do with romance, creativity and kids. You just need to remember to take time out to have fun. Romance is all about fun. And your chart is all about romance over the coming six months. Work less and enjoy yourself more and the rest will fall into place.

The New Moon eclipse this week is also fantastic news for you if you have a creative project on the boil. Go for it. Your creativity is now at an all time high, so make the most of it! The skies are on your side…. The Sun spends most of the month in the sign of Sagittarius, which is great to creating an end of year party atmosphere.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 December, 12222

The Sun shines a spotlight on the various parts of your chart as it moves around the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Your personal life is now in the spotlight, so expect the spend the next four weeks doing some deep thinking about your past and how it got you to where you are now. Family issues — your parents, in particular, but all family — are now likely to take centre stage.


Your actual home is also in focus now — look at how happy you are with where you live, how you life and who you live with. If there is something or someone from your past that still troubles you, now is the time to go and investigate it to see if you can release it and move on. Plus, for the first three weeks of this month, we have the planet Venus, the planet of love and abundance, in the sign of Capricorn. Here is a brief run down. December 3 — Venus harmonises with the planet Mars.

Virgo March Monthly Astrology Horoscope 2019

These two are basically the girlfriend and boyfriend of the zodiac. Their connection like this suggests the first week of December is going to be fun for people who are attracted to each other…. December 8 — brings a super romantic link between Venus and the planet of dreams and poetry, Neptune. December 10 — Not so much for December 10, which sees Venus building towards an alignment with the planet of hard times and hard facts, Saturn. This combination could be great for anyone in a serious relationship who wants to get even more committed to their partner.

December 13 — And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Venus waters, Venus then meets Pluto. It could blow up around about now. December 22 — The first sign Venus makes when she moves into the sign of Aquarius, is a clash with the planet of chaos, Uranus.

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There is a lot to be happy about this month, but this alignment could be tricky. This is not a massive drama. But it is worth noting. Go easy today. Fun-loving Venus is now moving through your fifth house of fun. There nothing that the planet of pleasure, Venus, likes more than enjoying herself.

And it can be yours, too.

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Live a little, as they say! If you needed some kind of excuse to stop worrying and start indulging, you have it; Venus in this part of your chart means you are almost duty-bound to work less and to spoil and amuse yourself more.

virgo march 9 weekly horoscope Virgo march 9 weekly horoscope
virgo march 9 weekly horoscope Virgo march 9 weekly horoscope
virgo march 9 weekly horoscope Virgo march 9 weekly horoscope
virgo march 9 weekly horoscope Virgo march 9 weekly horoscope
virgo march 9 weekly horoscope Virgo march 9 weekly horoscope

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