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When things go against you have a rare ability to accept fate. You try to establish balance in your surroundings.

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You like dance, song or music. You can act very diplomatically, you are correct and good at selling ideas or goods.

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Things that demand time and a methodical effort are not you, even though your intellectual goals are very seriously intended. You are the person who takes the overall view in serious and profound questions. To a certain extent this is of course rather daring, and the intellectual challenge for you or the learning process is of course not to forget the details or work too fast.

You can give the impression that you are better at organising and administrating than you in fact are. Intellectually you are not as sure of yourself as you appear, but you will however learn to trust in your intellectual resources with age.


Your situation can often be that you have to administrate and organise, whereupon you manage to do it, i. Or alternatively you learn to not take more on than you can handle. You are best at quickly and effectively creating syntheses and drawing up the overall view in serious questions, or in issues of great profundity. You are intellectually very ambitious to show the world what you are capable of.

If you work with people you have to take care not to make them into pawns of the game that is called personal intellectual ambition. Conversely you must strive to share your ability to quickly hit the mark in problematic issues.

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You have a diffuse and weak concept of yourself, which floats around far too much, especially prior to the age But it is probable that your parents did not give you a clear feedback about yourself. You have difficulty maintaining a strong identity prior to so plenty of feedback about yourself is important.

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  4. You can both overestimate and underestimate yourself — but mostly the latter. This is the inner essence of your being, and this quality really first comes out in the period from age and thereafter more and more strongly. With many women and with some men who belong to the somewhat older generation — i.


    The age can often be around 42 or around You develop into a more analytical and well-structured person with age, as well as becoming more critical and perfectionist. Working with subjects connected with views about life, philosophy or further education will also characterise your life after years of age. You generally have a strong need to express yourself in a varying and inspiring way with the purpose of moving yourself and others towards new horizons.

    Furthermore we have measured the strengths of a series of needs.

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    By this is meant that it is not your abilities which are being measured, but primarily the way you give priority to the needs in question. They should be seen in relation to each other. This means partly that you feel an inner compulsion to work with this need, but also that you can use too much energy and attention on this need, so that you risk becoming one-track minded.

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    It is quite up to you to find a reasonable balance so that the fulfilment of this need does not affect your other needs which you can come to give too low a priority to with time. As you can see you have some needs which are very low. This can easily mean that you can end up with some problems because you give too low a priority here. An ideal partner means that you both like and can get on with the man who has the above characteristics. The graph is a picture that applies up to the age of about This picture can change somewhat dependant on how you work with yourself, but this is difficult to measure astrologically.

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