Taurus ascendant compatibility

Some Aries rising look very dignified, and others are very active, but they are all dynamic people. Their bodies look constantly prepared to get into action, and they are always ready to do so. Aries rising cannot stop, even for a short while, because they have excess energy to spend.

They are Martians: warriors, competitors, and fighters. Being the planet of war, Mars is the ruler of Aries. Another physical characteristic of Aries rising is how they always walk in small but quick steps. Because they are Martians they grow quickly, and the men can have hair problems. They can also have problems related to the face and head.

It could be a scar or an illness related to the head. If Mars is well positioned in the chart, these problems will not occur.

What is my rising sign?

Aries rising are always focused in life. They never feel content being behind the scenes—they must always be in the middle of life. Aries rising loves life, and they are at peace with themselves and life. Their joy of life is admirable.

They are impassioned, restless, and impatient. Aries rising prefer to have lively partners like themselves, but they favor Venusians because they can only be completed by a soft-natured partner. They cannot tolerate stupid people and prefer to have smart people around them. Otherwise, they can experience nervous breakdowns, something common to an Aries. They can also have problems with patience, and they give up on things because they lack it. They want quick results and hate waiting. They are the masters of quick results, like an athlete.

If the target is to run a kilometer and win, they run swiftly and want to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. However, they sometimes learn how to be patient because they cannot run away from their destinies. Because they have Saturn at the pinnacle of their charts! Life somehow teaches them to be patient, through marriage, socializing, or parenthood. The Aries rising ram when they get angry! If you need to tell them something, say it only once. If you fail to stop yourself from saying the same thing twice, run away!


Taurus as ascendant-compatibility with other signs

Aries rising have an unexpected and interesting twist: Although they are flirtatious and liberal in their early years, they are very fond of homes and marriages. They tend to start families, and this is not so shocking because their fourth house, the house of home and family, is ruled by Cancer and the Moon. Aries rising people prefer marriages to having a career because they have Capricorn at the pinnacle of their charts, ruled by Saturn. Having a prestigious career is troublesome for them, and they lack the necessary patience to build a career when they are young.

Aries rising are attracted toward Capricorn the sign on their MC , Cancer the sign of their fourth house , or Libra their opposite sign. Taurus rising are among the most prosperous and productive members of the cosmos. If you are a Taurus rising, I would advise you to not pay attention to unfounded rumors, but you already do this. You do not mind anything, and that drives people crazy.

Rising Sign Compatibility: Sharing Similar Masks

You just laugh away; this is your way of life. Like a bull, you are hardworking and stubborn; you never do the things you do not like. Venus is the ruler of Aries rising.

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It also rules Libra, but there is a difference between these two. Power accompanies the kindness of Taurus. Taurus rising have round faces with happy expressions. They look agreeable, joyful and tolerant. Their calmness makes others feel comfortable. They feel happy, even for the slightest things, and they want to see everyone happy. They are peaceful and tolerant to everybody. However, if someone steps on their toes, the agreeable cow is replaced by a savage bull. After all, they gained tips on warfare from their opposite sign, Scorpio.

They do not show their anger for some time before it bursts, so it can be powerful and long lasting. This can shake the world like an earthquake. He will forgive you, but if you repeat the same mistake, get out of his sight. They are Venus types, lovers of aesthetics and arts. Many artists and architects are Venusians.

Taurus Rising: Personality Traits of Taurus Ascendant | 12 Rising Signs

They can also be bankers, because they are masters of one of the money houses. Have you ever wondered why this calm, happy, and tolerant member of the Zodiac can suddenly be rebellious? Here is the reason: Taurus rising hosts Aquarius on MC, or in other words, in his tenth house! Furthermore, the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, the planet of unexpected change and freedom!

Taurus rising want to work in freedom, and they do not like anyone to interfere. They have a charming strength, and the power behind their calm and tolerant attitudes magnetizes people. This is what makes them so charismatic, thanks to Uranus at the pinnacle of their charts. Taurus rising tend to have relationships with Aquarius the sign in their MC , Leo the sign in their house of home and family , or Scorpio their opposite sign. These signs are just as powerful as Taurus, but they have differences that appeal to them.

The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the planet of intelligence, so Gemini rising have sharp minds and the ability to learn things quickly. They are the messengers in our lives. Whether big or small, they know something about every subject and have something to say about everything. They are either thin or medium build, and they generally lilt like thin trees. The women of Gemini rising are like the Mother Mary with her swinging posture. They may have freckles on their faces or curly hair. They act like cute, sympathetic, and alert children.

Taurus And Their Psychological Mind Games in Relationships [Taurus Man & Taurus Woman]

You love them immediately because of their attitudes. They are so restless and cannot stand still, so they are always busy with numerous things at once. Looking into their eyes, you feel their minds are full with thought. This is because Gemini is an Air sign—the element of thinking, communication and abstract ideas.

Taurus ascendant compatibility
Taurus ascendant compatibility
Taurus ascendant compatibility
Taurus ascendant compatibility
Taurus ascendant compatibility
Taurus ascendant compatibility
Taurus ascendant compatibility
Taurus ascendant compatibility
Taurus ascendant compatibility

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