Semisextile aspect astrology

A typical source of confusion: “I am somewhat different from my sign”

Sacred geometry is connected to the source. And the source can be nothing more than a dot. While astrological aspects are geometric in nature they also offer some deep metaphysical meaning.

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We are going to explore both dimensions of each aspect, starting from geometry and proceeding to the meaning and interpretation. The list of aspects can be extended as much as one pleases. The principle behind every aspect is a division of a circle according to some method and there can be infinitely many ways to divide a circle. Conjunction is a simple dot, a blob of ink on paper with infinitely small size. Another way to depict conjunction is a circle. Numerically conjunction corresponds to the number one.

The exact conjunction has angular distance of zero degrees between two planets. Conjunction relates to the 1st house. Before there was day and night, left and right, up and down, right and wrong, everything existed in an undifferentiated state of unity. Conjunction symbolises the combination of forces when two planetary energies are mixed into one unified force.

Conjunction is the most powerful of all aspects due to its direct nature.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Numerically opposition corresponds to number two. Opposition relates to the 7th house. Opposition symbolises the moment of maximum separation when two opposing principles have been crystallised out of original unity. Opposition is the symbol of maximum manifestation. Light and darkness, truth and falsity, left and right. The Full Moon is the moment of opposition that we experience first hand on a regular basis.

Planets in opposition are characterised by the fullness of their energetic manifestation.

The Secret of the Aspects: Your Challenges and your Tools to raise your Self-Awareness

The fullness calls for proper handling and integration: a good approach is to avoid suppressing one planet in favour of another. A well-rounded personality can be characterised by carefully balanced oppositions of forces that ensures smoothness of operation while minimising stress levels. Numerically the trine corresponds to number three. Trines relate to the 5th and 9th house. Manifestation has followed its course and the two polarities produced the third principle.

Just like when man and woman unite to create a child. Trines are the forces of flow. Any two planets that form a trine can be seen as a flowing relationship, a mini family that produces offsprings in the form of deeds and events. It is wise to rest on that inherent quality of flow and be creative about the planets that form the trine.

Square is formed by dividing the circle into four equal parts. Numerological symbol of square is the number four. Four is the symbol for matter and the material world , the Earth as well as all other bodies of the physical universe.

Squares relate to the 4th and 10th houses. Square is traditionally coloured red for a good reason. Great examples of the square aspect is the First and Last Quarters of the Moon. By no means they feel sinister or hard, yet they carry the energy of the square that pushes us to create and manifest while progressing towards the next lunar phase.

Venus enters Scorpio

Squares are practical in essence. Keep that in mind that analysing your birth chart, they help to make the most out of two planetary energies. Yes, there is a negative side to square aspect. Squares introduce stickiness and repeating patterns that bring frustration. To counteract this, introduce dynamism of the trine, keep moving, any kind of physical work is a great way to destress and restart the flow.

Or if speaking in the Zodiac signs, they are two signs apart. Sextiles relate to the 3rd and 11th houses.

The Secret of the Aspects: Your Challenges and your Tools to raise your Self-Awareness

Sextiles can be seen as half-trines. Generally speaking, sextiles are of very minor importance, they provide a gentle guiding influence and one can comfortably use their supporting harmony. A pro tip: Remember that Jupiter has affinity with number 6 thus giving any sextile that involves this planet some very special significance.

From the sacred geometry perspective these four aspects correspond to primary geometrical shapes : dot or circle, line, triangle and square. Sextiles do have influence but they are nowhere close to the four foundational aspects. In the next part of the story we will look into the mysteries of minor aspects and their occult powers. Many astrology students reasonably suggest that as the two planets are in signs with nothing in common, it makes sense that they do not 'get along'. However, their position as neighbours is a vital relationship. Also keep in mind that planets are neutral to each other, and all points need to be considered to discover how they will work together.

When I think of the Semi-Sextile I think of the neighbour relationship. Neighbours are in our immediate environment. We can't really avoid them - we still hear them or have to deal with their dog barking at night. We often make a point of getting along, whatever we might think of them. They come to our parties by default. Our children are friends by proximity. It's a default relationship no matter how unlike we may be. Two neighbouring Semi-Sextile planets are part of our immediate character.

The most important point about the Semi-Sextile is that it's a seed, an innate potential. It could be seen as karmically working it's way toward the Sextile and then Trine. However you choose to view it, it's a starting point that is readily experienced in our lives. What can be challenging about this aspect is that two very different styles of functioning are involved. There is friction and stress - but both these words need to be properly understood. What is easy about this aspect is that it lies in our conscious minds unlike Chironic wounds for example , and with self-awareness, it's readily accessed for further growth.

Susan is easily drawn to intense, meaningful, and passionate relationships. She seeks to be of use in instigating transformation and is unafraid of unorthodox methods.

see At best, her ability to see people's potential and her enthusiasm to be of help, is a profound asset to all her relationships , including those in her career.

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