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Because you were born on this cusp, you are influenced by the planets Pluto and Jupiter -- the ruling planets of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, encourages you to right wrongs and embrace your personal power, while Jupiter fuels your optimistic outlook. It's this combination of inspiration and transformation that makes you so revolutionary! You are blessed with both the empathy of a Water sign Scorpio and the excitement of a Fire sign Sagittarius , giving you a wide spectrum of abilities.

There's a combination of compassion and friendliness in you that makes you incredibly generous -- just be wary of those looking to take advantage of your giving nature. Born on the Cusp of Revolution, you're action-oriented and strong, ready to lead and inspire! Your ability to stick to your guns alongside your outgoing, charismatic attitude will have you turning heads, making moves, and doing important things in this lifetime.

One thing that's sure to hold you back, however, is a lack of freedom.

Capricorn Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope October 14-21 2019

The more tied down you are the more stuck and frustrated you'll feel. Seek opportunities that will allow you freedom and independence! People born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp are especially proactive and tend to be a bit wild or rebellious. You like to shake things up! However, this energy can be too much for some, and could make you seem intimidating or unapproachable. In fact, you may often be misunderstood by others, because they never know which version of you they'll see: the fun, flexible, life of the party, or the fierce, complex creature with the sharp stinger.

Born on the Cusp of Revolution, you have strong values and beliefs and you aren't afraid to speak your mind. You thrive around others who share your strength and vitality, and who don't get rubbed the wrong way too easily -- you've been known to ruffle a few feathers in your day! Your independence and intensity can lead you to do great things, but they can also cause power struggles in relationships and conflict with authority figures.

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Channel your ferocity into ambition instead of aggression, and there will be no stopping you. Your combination of vision and determination gives you a competitive edge that will carry you far in life. The ability to think deeply as well as philosophically gives you a great understanding of who you are and where you fit into the world. Witchcraft is a work of gratitude.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

It comes from the practice of honoring the people, land and animals that came before you, that coexist with you now and that have yet to arrive. Witchcraft is the work of the wise because it is the everyday practice of those who are humbled by the world around them. Witches find meaning in the mundane and see the magic in weeds growing through cracks in the sidewalk or a shed feather of a dirty bird.

Witches are rememberers, mourners and healers because they have reconciled with the cycles of life and realized what is and is not in human hands. Witchcraft is about gratitude and alignment, treading lightly and respectfully and only taking what you need. We must remember that witchcraft is less about control and more about connection.

October 24 Zodiac is Scorpio - Full Horoscope Personality

A connection to our own divinity, but also an understanding of the limitations of it. It is not about manipulation or having complete control. Witchcraft is about surrendering. It is the knowledge that most things are out of our hands but continuing to work with our surroundings to help swing things in our favor. It is the act of bowing to the elements and submitting to their power that makes a spell stick. Witchcraft is a labor of love and intention. Spells work because they are an act of communion with the powers beyond us, acknowledging our need for help, and partaking in a mutual relationship with things we cannot measure.

It is about giving without the expectation of receiving. To practice magick is to be in attunement with a sensitive and dying world and being interested in working with, fighting for and healing with it. Yes, witches cast spells and ask the universe for guidance. This is because they are interested in being led, in asking for help when in need and respecting that whatever shall come, will come.

Sometimes it is the humbling act of continually asking and never receiving because it is not what the universe wants for you. It can sometimes mean waiting, worrying, re-configuring and waiting again. But all of the waiting and worrying is worth it because the craft is about finding understanding in failed spells and magical mishaps. It is about finding true love for yourself and the world around you and being in communion with the gifts that come from that. It is about faith. Witchcraft is a fun, freeing, beautiful and impassioned practice, and we must acknowledge that our ability to experience it as such is rooted in the magnetic force of offering.

Offering our power, offering our light, offering our darkness, offering our strength, offering our material and immaterial gifts, our dedication and our relationship to the deities and beings that guide us. Staying in a state of gratitude and giving helps to attract the exact blessings you are grateful for.

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Your love and power are precious tools. Use them to uplift, remember and protect and they shall never go to waste. Before that solar shift happens, we have one more kick in the pants from the Sun in Cancer though; watch out from the 19thst as the planet that governs our sense of self forms a challenging Square to disruptive Uranus.

This transit will bring about sudden changes, upsetting conditions, and unexpected shifts in power. This is a great time for exploration and creating reform but a terrible one for making things more secure. My two favorite anti-anxiety Witch supplies are lavender for the nervous system and amethyst for protection and calming the mind. None of this is made more chill by the fact that passionate Mars is sitting pretty much on top of this Moon.

Be open to learning about your ego, lovers. How you assert yourself, how you evaluate your own or others' merits, what you feel entitled to take, or the priority you place on getting yours is likely to be staring you straight in the face this week. Instead of devolving into defensiveness, embrace the fullness of what you are and how you do! TBH the Universe has got you in a corner because from the 23rdth compromising Venus will be opposite rigid Saturn. This will further the need for you to make sure that that your actions are an accurate reflection of your values. Saturn can make you feel lonely and hyper-critical of your looks, your relationships, and how you come across to others.

By better understanding your impulses, you can make better, more effective choices. This is it, Taurus. Get your feels and your thoughts on the same page, my love. Instead of defending your behavior or justifying your right to do as you please, first make sure that you mean it. This is an excellent time to face facts and redirect your life. Own your perspective because the truth is true, whether you want it to be or not, my love.

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You usually only get one New Moon in your sign per year! This is not the time for messing around, Leo; this is a special time in history, and a meaningful time for you, personally. How you show up and who you chose to be are extra crucial because of this unusual lunar activity. If you allow yourself to be emotionally present, you will discover profound heartfelt truths. As the world around you changes, you must change too. Maintain your self-care without attachments, Virgo. Open your heart and your mind, Virgo. Cultivate the kind of self-reference that supports you in knowing the difference between a crush on a person or situation versus a crush on their crush on you.

All that glitters is not gold, my friend. Instead of seeking to avoid problems, embrace them, Scorpio. Feeling lonely is the pits. Reconnect with your inner world without needing to get attention to validate your efforts, my love. Who you chose to invest your energy in and what you consent to participating in are on you. Be the friend, partner, child, or neighbor that you want to be, even if it takes bringing greater intention into all of your interactions this week.

At the end of the day you need to like yourself. Make sure you believe in the direction of your life, be damned what anyone else says. Commit your actions in the direction you need to so that you like the person you are in the here and now, Pisces.

scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn Scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn
scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn Scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn
scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn Scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn
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scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn Scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn
scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn Scarlet moon weekly 10 to 16 tarot capricorn

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