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The zeal of Sagittarius offsets any Scorpio procrastination, resulting in a far-reaching strength of purpose and accomplishment. These natives are frank and open-minded, perhaps a little too much so, but they usually manage to curb their egos to the simple point of self-satisfaction over true accomplishment. No obstacles seem to stop these individuals, save the overconfidence in their own ability. If they should lapse into the Scorpio tendency to delay, then they will compensate with the fervor of Sagittarius, frequently expending too much effort in their project.

In essence, the fiery nature of Sagittarius can burn itself out when it has the watery Scorpio in attendance to act as a damper. Accordingly, fire and water should be properly separated in order to produce steam with steady and powerful results. However, this cusp comes with a greater empathy for fellow human beings and an interest in international or even universal concerns. Indeed, many perceive this period as a last chance. The revolutionary nature of this cusp can underline the need for total reorganization if crucial changes have not yet been made.

Although these natives are capable of exploding ancient myths, they are equally capable of reviving and preserving myths that they view to be useful. Thus, those governed by this cusp may, at heart, also be secret traditionalists.

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Indeed, any one of these would be infinitely preferable to anything that might fall inbetween. This yearning for extremes leads many natives of this cusp to indulge in excesses, often in more than one area of their lives.

Such individuals are usually well aware from an early age that they are different from other people. Thus, within their own families, these subjects may occupy something of a lonely position in relation to parents or siblings. In fact, their assessment of their peculiar abilities and strong drive to succeed often dates from childhood years. Those ruled by this cusp are both goal-oriented and result-oriented, frequently displaying the same degree of stubborness when choosing a friend or life partner, whom they may pursue with unrelenting zeal.

The Pluto influence is a profluence of death and regeneration, death that is the antecedent of change and growth. Consider the great Sufis and Whirling Dervishes who sought to die a thousand times a day. The fine art of burning away the falsehoods so that truth can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Astrology Scorpio Cusp

Scorpio-Sagittarius-Cuspers are oh so good at this. What they need: They need balance, they need a focus or a mission or it will seem as if they are running wild or are looking for a fight e. Relationships: Scorpio-Sagittarius-Cuspers make dynamic and loyal lovers, especially when they believe you love them, and they happen to have a lifestyle that is a balanced one.

What will stand out is their open mind and a highly evolved sense of humor. Half-of-love does not appeal to this character—this means they are better suited for the all-or-nothing monogamous style of relationship or no relationship at all.

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Strengths: Adventurous i. Does anyone know? I land right on the border of ending pisces and starting aries. So what is a compatibility match when two cusp signs get together?

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Samantha July 2, Raven June 25, Aliana July 19, Janine November 11, Lex November 18, Khayenn July 17, Pimp May 22,

cusp of revolution astrology Cusp of revolution astrology
cusp of revolution astrology Cusp of revolution astrology
cusp of revolution astrology Cusp of revolution astrology
cusp of revolution astrology Cusp of revolution astrology
cusp of revolution astrology Cusp of revolution astrology

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